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Your local Parish Councillor's for Bradfield St George

Role Name Adress Tel. No.

Parish Clerk




Mrs Catherine Hibbert
Stanningfield Road,
Great Whelnetham,
IP30 0TY.
Chair Cllr Peter Squirrell
Wynch Meadow,
Bradfield St George,
IP30 0AA.
Vice Chair  Cllr Christopher Croot
Stone House,
Bradfield St George,
IP30 0AB.
  Cllr Geoff Mulley
Frogs Hall,
Bradfield St George,
IP30 0AN.
  Cllr Christine Stainer
High Hedges,
Bradfield St George,
IP30 0AD.
  Cllr Arnaud Therin
Bradfield St George

We currently have 2 vacancies on the

Parish Council, if you are interested in joining, please

drop us an email.



Your County & Borough Councillors

Cllr Karen Soons

Cllr Sara Mildmay-White